Insight 2 Drive

We know how difficult it might be to find a really good driving instructor, one that is both friendly and professional. We are sure you will know that there have been many people caught out by cheap driving lesson prices, only to find in the long run they have paid more than they should have, or have booked a block booking and felt they have had to stay with a driving instructor, they simply do not like or feel comfortable with. She has hand-picked and trained the Insight Team of instructors herself, admittedly she has made some mistakes in the past, but as you can imagine, instead of dwelling on the past, she has simply learned from the experience and improved the driving school even more.

This is why we use our unique individual lesson plan, so that you know exactly where you are up to, how much you still have to do and your overall progress to your first time driving test pass, check out who has passed already.