Black Intensive Driving School

Our clients have been achieving a high level of first time passes for over 5 years and via our associates in excess of 20 years. We have an excellect reputation for providing quality tuition at affordable prices. At Black Intensive Driving School we strive to teach safe driving for life. We teach the skills you need to become a highly competent driver not just the skills to pass your driving test. We trust you will find the contents of this website informative and hope you will choose ourselves for driving tuition when the timing is right.

The pace and the content of instruction are designed to suit individual needs and can range between fast track and easy paced. To achieve the above, lessons are highly structured and check lists are provided to assist to memorise the basic driving routines. This has the effect of initially reducing the in-car time, leaving more time to develop the required techniques and eliminating driver errors, for the same cost.