Mini Me Driving School

My name is Paul Ryan, owner of Mini Me Driving School. I have been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor Since 1986. Our aim is to make you a safe, confident driver. We pride ourselves on making the training an enjoyable experience. We believe in giving our clients value for money by setting realistic goals for you to achieve each lesson. The training course will be tailored to your own specific needs.

How do we Teach:

First of all in a calm and professional manner. We cover all of the DSVA syllabus and more (subjects that you will use in your normal driving situations but not covered on the test).

Secondly, we explain everything beforehand and demonstrate it via our special apps so you can see the subject in motion as opposed to drawings. So, all of this is done for our shared benefit, apart from our special teaching apps we also use.

Thirdly, we use a client record, so we can both see how you are developing in your driving. We scale your development from 1 to 5 (1 introduced to the lesson) and (5 independent no help required from the instructor) for each subject lesson.