I A M Driving Road Safety

The IAM is the UK's leading independent road safety charity. We passionately believe that our roads can be made a safer place by improving the standards of the people who are using them. With over 50 years of experience, passion and insight, the IAM is uniquely positioned to help improve the skills and understanding of UK drivers, riders & cyclists. In 1956 we took the police guidebook on driving and adapted it into an advanced standard for everyday drivers.

Skip to the present and we're setting the standard for all road users. Through one-on-one guidance, ongoing research, lobbying and education we strive to make the UK's roads a safer place by making people more skilful and aware road users. Over 100,000 people are members of the IAM, sharing our belief in a safer road network. Combined with over 200 regional volunteer groups, they are making a difference to the UK's roads.