Driving-Lessons-Wirral.com are concerned about only one thing - making you the safest driver that you can be. We teach you to drive, not just to pass a driving test. By doing this, you will be a better and safer driver and passing your driving test will be simple and straight forward. Passing first time is a fantastic achievement and you will never forget it. Driving-Lessons-Wirral.com is a name you can trust. This is to do with how the gears are selected and whether you want to use a third pedal when driving. The third pedal is called the clutch and it is operated by the left foot. Some people just don't like the idea of having to use a clutch or for people with a disability, it may not be possible. So, we can teach you to drive an automatic. In one of these cars you can let it handle the gear changes on its own. You just push the accelerator to go faster and the brake to slow down. In a manual car, you control which gear you want when you want it and you engage it using the left foot and pedal.