Driving Lessons Sunderland UK

If you're looking for the best driving lessons in Sunderland, you've come to the right place. Great pass rates, competitive pricing and friendly instructors - whether you're a total beginner or an intermediate learner, please call us on 0191 580 0228!

Here at Driving Lessons Sunderland UK, we pride ourselves on being a top driving school in the Sunderland area. Our instructors boast a wealth of experience and are not only friendly, but most importantly competent with high pass rates for their students. We offer competitively priced lessons, but don't fool yourself into believing this means that we compromise on quality as this is not the case.

Driving is something which, after you come of age, you will likely do for the rest of your life, so it's really worth while to make sure that you're in the right hands for your driving lessons, and we could think of no better place you'd rather be than with us!