DriverSkills - Advanced Driving Courses

Driver Skills provide advanced driving courses for companies with fleets of drivers and courses for private individuals would like to improve their driving skills. We all convinced that we are great drivers, but there is so much more that any driver can learn. Advanced driving techniques which were first developed by Police Trainers can improve your skills and make your journeys safer.

Our Advanced Driving sessions are easy to book and can take place on-road in your local area or at one of our skid pan training locations. On-road advanced driving courses are available 7 days a week in all UK areas from our team of over 200 fully qualified experts.

It is now legalisation that companies provide driver assessment and training for any employees who drive whilst at work. We are one of the UKs leading providers of Company Driver Training and Assessment and we can also provide some unique Group Driver Training Days which combine advanced driving skills with fun and competition.