Drive Chicks

Drive Chicks female driving instructors offer expert, friendly and fun driving tuition across Leicester, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Our pupils tell us that learning to drive with us is never dull which means we must be doing something right! With 10 years experience you will benefit from top quality teaching (we also train Driving Instructors) but also an easy going and friendly approach that really allows you to relax and enjoy your lessons.

A lot of our pupils are girls but we have many boys too! So either way, if all you want is a great driving school where learning is fun give us a call. Whether you are a bit nervous or can't wait to get out of the blocks we pride ourselves on providing the perfect programme to suit you. We won't rush you through things if you're not ready, but equally we won't hang about if you are! It's all about confidence and that's what you'll get with us.